Welcome to Prasad Organics P. Ltd.

Prasad Organics originated in 1998 with a purpose of manufacturing chemical ingredients for Flavours and Fragrances. The Chennai Unit of our company is currently engaged in manufacturing activity, while the Ongole Unit is being established as part of the expansion plan.

Prasad Organics has become a time tested supplier of Quality ingredients to the Flavour and Fragrance industry world over. The company has introduced several novel molecules to the industry to serve to the specific needs of individual Flavourists and Perfumers.

Prasad Organics has created infrastructure and built a strong technical team to serve the Flavours and Fragrances industry, with Quality ingredients for over a decade. The ingredients are sold and distributed by a well established supply chain network. Emphasis on quality and timely supplies, stand out in the success story of Prasad Organics.

Mission and Vision:

To grow in size and stature by continuing the good job with the rich experience of the past decade, all the staff members at Prasad Organics strive to increase the business at a healthy rate of 20% per annum. Prasad Organics is investing substantial amount of time, money and energy to grow as a Quality Vendor to the world of Flavourists and Perufmers.

Our Products

    • Strawberry Pure
    • Aldehydye C16 40:60
    • Aldehydye C16 4p
    • Aldehydye C17 (EPG)
    • Hydratropic Aldehydye
    • Hydratropic Aldehydye DMA
    • Melonacetal
    • Hydratropic Alcohol
    • Greenone
    • Lavendate
    • Nerol Oxide
    • Sandalcor (smc)
    • Levo Bacdanol
    • Brammanol P
    • Puresandal
    • Caryophellene Oxide
    • Caryophellene Acetate
    • Thipyol
    • Theneyate
    • Caryo Isobutyrate
    • Hydroxy Citonellol
    • Cinnamyl Acetate
    • Neryl Acetate
    • Rose Glycol
    • Rose Ether
    • Mugeol