Welcome to Prasad Organics P. Ltd.,

Prasad Rao, an organic chemist, who worked as a scientist in Reckitt & Colman India Ltd for 9 years, had started Prasad Organics Pvt Ltd in the year 1998, with a view to manufacture aroma chemical which are ingredients for flavors & fragrances. Mr Prasad Rao had published six paper in international journals and has an international patent to his credit.

Today, PrasadOrganics spread over 12,345 sq meters area with an installed production capacity of 1000MT/annum, has dedicated reactor/distillation units for manufacture of each of its products.

At PrasadOrganics the R&D team works to develop viable processes for new chemicals, while trying to improve and adopt move environmentally benign chemistry for existing products.

PrasadOrganics has infrastructure and strong technical team to make quality products, backed by a well organized distribution and sales network to deliver the produce on time.

Mission and Vision:

To continue to improve the chemistry to be more environmentally sound and endeavour to give better service to all the perfumers and flavorists world over.

To continue to give practical training to the university students in the vicinity, on entrepreneurs skill development. PrasadOrganics is investing substantial amount of time, money and energy to grow as a Quality Vendor to the world of Flavourists and Perufmers.,

Our Products

    • Strawberry Pure
    • Aldehydye C16 40:60
    • Aldehydye C16 4p
    • Aldehydye C17 (EPG)
    • Hydratropic Aldehydye
    • Hydratropic Aldehydye DMA
    • Melonacetal
    • Hydratropic Alcohol
    • Greenone
    • Lavendate
    • Nerol Oxide
    • Sandalcor (smc)
    • Levo Bacdanol
    • Brammanol P
    • Puresandal
    • Caryophellene Oxide
    • Caryophellene Acetate
    • Thipyol
    • Theneyate
    • Caryo Isobutyrate
    • Hydroxy Citonellol
    • Cinnamyl Acetate
    • Neryl Acetate
    • Rose Glycol
    • Rose Ether
    • Mugeol