‘Quality Counts’ is the slogan which every employee of PrasadOrganics is proud of. Each product goes through vigorous quality control test before moving to the packing section.

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Chemical CAS No. Odour Profile
Rose Oxide Highcis (90:10) 16409-41-1Floral
Rose Oxide Inactive (70:30) 16409-43-1Green
Rose Oxide Leavo 3033-23-9Floral
Nerol Oxide 1786-08-6A Floral
Strawberry Pure (Aldehyde C 16)
77-83-8 Fruity
Aldehyde C 17 (Ethyl Phenyl Glycolate) 121-39-1 Fruity
Hydratropic Aldehyde 99%
93-53-8 Green
Hydratropic Aldehyde Dimethyl Acetal (Hadma) 99%
90-87-9 Floral
Hydratropic Alcohol 99% 1123-85-9 Green
Cyclogalbanate 99% 68901-15-5 Green
Allyl Amyl Glycolate 99% 67634-00-8 Fruity
Allyl Phenoxy Acetate 99%
Allyl Cyclohexyl Propionate
2705-87-5 Fruity
Allyl Caproate 123-68-2Fruity
Allyl Heptanoate 4230-97-1Fruity
Allyl Caprylate 57082-24-3Fruity
Caryophyllene Acetate
Caryophyllene Oxide 38284-26-3 Woody
Caryophyllene Isobutyrate
Caryophyllene Alcohol
Hydroxy Citronellol 99% 107-74-4Floral
Simmonol 198404-98-7Woody
Brammanol 72089-08-8Herbal
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