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Chemical CAS No. Odour Profile
Strawberry Pure 77-83-8Fruity
Aldehyde C 16 4060 77-83-8Fruity
Aldehyde C 16 4P 77-83-8Fruity
Aldehyde C 17 (EPG) 121-39-1Fruity
Hydratropic Aldehyde
93-53-8 Green
Hydratropic Aldehyde DMA(HADMA) 90-87-9 Green
67634-23-5 Green
Hydratropic Alcohol
1123-85-9 Green
Greenone 22457-23-4 Green
Lavendate 67859-96-5 Green
Nerol Oxide 1786-08-9 Green
Sandalcor (smc)
Levo Bacdanol
Brammanol P 72089-08-8Sandal,Woody
Puresandal 65113-99-7Sandal,Woody
Caryophyllene Acetate 57082-24-3Woody,Spicy
Caryophyllene Oxide
Thipyol (caryophyllene Alcohol) 38284-26-3 Woody,Spicy
Theneyate (caryophyllene Alcohol Acetate)
Caryo Isobutyrate ---------Woody,Spicy
Hydroxy Citronellol (Hydcol) 107-74-4Floral
Cinnamyl Acetate 103-54-8Floral
Neryl Acetate 141-12-8Floral
Rose Glycol 22460-95-3Floral
Rose Ether ---------Floral
Mugeol ---------Floral
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